The Terrifying Truth in the Trump Tapes

In all the furor over Trump’s locker-room banter, there is an important implication that everybody is missing. Did you catch it?

Forget about whether or not his words and actions were decent[1]- I don’t think you’ll find any disagreement here, and it’s already been belabored to death besides. I’m not going to be arguing that point, so stow your pitchforks.

No, the interesting question is: is what Trump said about being a star true? Not right or wrong: but true or false? Is this a known phenomena?

The reality is that when you’re like Trump or Billy Bush, that many women implicitly (and even explicitly) give them sexual consent[2].

Is it not true that many women are star struck by famous or powerful men and make themselves available?

You don’t have to look very hard to realize that this is the reality. Doesn’t make it morally right, obviously, but the effect is real and examples abound. Rock stars, celebrities, sports stars, the powerful, the wealthy, the famous, or infamous: all have groupies, women who throw themselves at them. Women want to be with high status men. How else would you explain the skyrocketing sales of trashy “Romance” novels and 50 shades?

Lost in the uproar and general condemnation of all men, is the other half of the equation: that women have a hand in this fiasco as well. (No, i’m not blaming the victim, for I talk about the willing; the unwilling is another matter). Women have agency, despite our culture’s relentless assault on personal responsibility.

Reducing the problem to “crude language is demeaning” or “men should not objectify women” is ultimately a half-measure. No one is going to argue against these proscriptions, but by itself it is an incomplete solution.

The other half of the solution, and what I will tell my daughters, is this: that they will have strong, natural[3], inclinations for men of high status, and that they need to continuously ask God to guard their hearts and their bodies.

[1] I find it highly hypocritical that the liberal left, as purveyors, producers, and peddlers of every sort of sexual deviancy, find heterosexual chest-pounding to be beyond the pale.

[2] Consent, consent, consent! The word du jour. Much of the castigation directed at Donald is under the assumption that his advances were not explicitly consented to. That is highly doubtful, as our culture of celebrity worship and open sexual debauchery says otherwise. The current fad of demanding explicit consent is farcical and goes against the grain of human experience and known history. I can’t wait to see the movies produced by a culture fully indoctrinated into this lie. Ladies, did your boyfriend ask your consent before your first kiss? If he did then he likely wasn’t your boyfriend for long, right?

[3] I use the word natural as in fallen human nature; indeed, this is a result of original sin and God’s curse upon us: Genesis 3:16 – “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.”.

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