Against McMullin

Evan McMullin may be a good man. He may be a knowledgeable man.

But he’s neither principled nor wise nor conservative. A principled man wouldn’t stab his own party in the back in an historic and calamitous election. A wise man wouldn’t let himself be a stooge or unwitting patsy whose only purpose is to secure Hillary Clinton the presidency. A conservative man wouldn’t continue the disastrous immigration policies that all but ensure conservative ideals will never again win in this country.

When it became apparent that Gary Johnson A) wasn’t conservative and B) not splitting the GOP vote enough, the McMullin candidacy was born. He is a Goldman-Sachs and CIA creation, a last-gasp attempt to maintain the power structure status quo. His allegiance is to the big banks and the deep state.

Evan McMullin is cut from the same cloth of global adventurism and foreign interventionalism as GWB. Regardless of your initial position on the Iraq wars, it is impossible to dismiss the blunders that our nation has committed in attempting to nation-build. Both McMullin and Clinton would have us entangled in a shooting-war-by-proxy with Russia in Syria, for much less pretense and absolutely zero national benefit.

Like it or not, we have a binary outcome this election. Your vote will work towards one or the other. There is no third outcome.

The last time a “principled” 3rd party got a significant amount of protest votes, we ended up with 8 years of Bill Clinton. That weighs heavily on Ross Perot’s voters’ hearts.

A GOP vote for McMullin improves Hillary Clinton’s chances. Don’t be pedantic; you know this to be true.

And Clinton is not yet the sure winner, not by a long shot. Their own wikileak’d internal communications indicates that their internal polling indicates disaster for them. I hate to be one of the “the-polls-are-faked” people but there’s a lot of indication this time that they’re being played with. Look at the rallies, other public events; there is an extreme difference in enthusiasm, energy, and optimism.

The Clinton campaign is working hand-in-hand with the media (Wikileaks confirmed it for all to see) to depress the GOP turnout to match the extremely low Democrat turnout. The Clinton campaign is directly involved in fermenting racial hatred and violence in order to increase their minority turnout (Project Veritas).

Trump’s official, published, platform is the most conservative platform in ages. You could put any other conservative hero on this platform and it would be a great fit. I could vote for McMullin if he was the GOP candidate and running on Trump’s platform.

So let’s not cut off our nose to spite our face. We can choose to cement the policies and self-serving crimes of the Obama administration, leading to an untouchable and all-powerful Clinton crime family; or with Trump and his platform we can begin to restore law and order, respect for the Constitution, and bring justice to corrupt politicians and government bureaucrats.

If you’re in a swing state, then I urge you to consider voting for the platform if not the candidate.

How far would you relax your standards to stop millions of unnecessary abortions every year?

Is it principled to cede the 1st and 2nd amendments?

What’s it worth to you to not go to war with Russia?

Perfect is the enemy of good. Donald isn’t perfect. But his platform is good.

Now that all being said, I am not completely against the idea of a 3rd party vote. Having never voted for the winning candidate in a primary, I am completely on board with protest votes. But that’s in the primary.

If you are in a safely red state, then by all means vote for McMullin or Johnson or whomever, and give the GOP the warning that they are on thin ice and are being carefully watched. That’s a great idea. That way you can have your cake and eat it too.

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