PhilChuang.com is your one-stop source for everything Phil-Chuang-related. Whether you’re visiting this site because of a personal interest or by random chance, I hope you end up staying and helping me develop a rich and interactive community.

If you’re looking for the SF-CA Phil Chuang who works in the healthcare industry, that’s not me, so go here. Hey brother, give me a link back!

I have wide-ranged and varied interests, including Software Development, Politics, Football, Music, Videogames, just to name a few – but i’ll probably mostly focus on software.

I’m a Senior Software Developer with 2 decades of experience in commercial and government, from backend to frontend, cloud to native, and dotnet to devops. I’m passionate about programming – doing it right, and doing it with style. I love to make apps and utilities, and dabble with anything else that interests me.

I aim to write and sell software for all major platforms using Xamarin and XAML/MVVM. Unfortunately my latest releases have all been for Windows Phone (RIP), though I do have several other apps in the works right now.

Contact me on
* Twitter: @philchuang
* LinkedIn: philipchuang
* email:

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