Why Only Immigration Matters

Immigration Reform is the linchpin which secures the future of the nation, and getting it under control is of paramount importance – even in the face of every other imminent domestic threat to the nation, be it economic, constitutional, or medical.

We can survive an economic collapse. We can’t afford uncontrolled immigration. We can survive a constitutional crisis. We won’t have a recognizable constitution with undiscerning immigration. We can survive a healthcare crisis. We won’t have a functioning healthcare system with unchecked immigration.

Even the upcoming Supreme Court appointments are a lesser concern. Even if Trump gets elected, GOP presidents have a mixed (putting it lightly) track record with conservative appointments. We’ve all witnessed the cowardice displayed by most of the GOP-appointed judges (RIP Scalia). So as demographics take over and the culture veers even further leftward, I don’t think the Supreme Court would be able to protect our constitutional rights. Now, it’s still vitally important that Trump is elected and gets to appoint conservative judges – it’s just not as important as immigration.

If we don’t control immigration, we won’t have a nation. We won’t have a high-trust society. We will devolve into warring tribes, eternally suspicious of the Other, and always at odds with each other. We will forever be at the mercy of the Democrat-incited victim groups. We’re already well on our way there.

This is why Donald Trump’s platform matters. Because he alone, out of all the presidential candidates in at least 3 generations, has the opportunity, the motivation, and the support of the citizenry, to actually do something about it.

No Friend of the World (an aside)

There may be some believers genuinely moved by the spirit to vote against the GOP candidate. I don’t understand that, but I accept that they might be guided that way – I even wrote an article about that. In other cases, the guidance may not be as clear – so I appeal to these.

Some Christians act as if the stewardship of the nation God has given us is beneath their spiritual dignity, or that the nation is a lost cause, or that they would despise the message because the messenger was despised. Now, the ungodly have always despised those God would use to deliver them, so the perception of the unbelieving world, or premature despair does not overcome our God-given duty to be good stewards. I’m glad their attitude wasn’t prevalent during the Middle Ages, otherwise Europe would have never fought back against Muslim aggression (1400 years and counting), and Western Civilization, the most biblically compatible notion of culture, would have died in its crib.

God raises up and he tears down. There is little doubt that he has deliberately given us these exact 2 leaders to choose from. Both candidates have overcome substantial and insurmountable odds, and no other word than miraculous can describe their candidacies. Neither candidate is a leader after God’s own heart; Both claim to have some notion of the divine, yet what we know about them declares otherwise, and we lack evidence of spiritual fruit. But God gave them to us, all the same.

Prior to the age of Kings, God raised up Judges and appointed them leaders over Israel. They were not especially holy, wise, or noble, but each served God’s purpose to deliver Israel from disaster. In a great display of God’s sense of humor, one of these judges didn’t partake of alcohol, fussed a great deal about his hair, was loose with the truth, and had a penchant for womanizing. Sound familiar?

Samson destroying the temple of the PhilistinesGod used the Judges to rescue his nation, time and time again, each time after they turned their backs to Him and then cried out in their distress. I’m not saying that America is equal to Israel’s unique and special role in God’s plan, but that is the scriptural example that we have been given, and the parallels are uncanny.

God has given us this exact choice. Trump is a chaotic, uncomfortable, yet necessary, tearing down of the status quo that allows the people to regain control. Clinton is the safe, worldly-approved, comfortable, escalator to destruction.

Two Parties with the Same Addiction

Democrats love immigration because it always benefits them electorally. America has absorbed 60 million immigrants in just 50 years, mostly from authoritarian cultures with no tradition of Western Civilization, with no shared values of individual liberty.

American soil is not magic dirt. Simply stepping on American land does not supernaturally transform a foreigner into an ideal American. Even spending a majority of their lives here is no guarantor of adoption of American values. The American education systems and government policies no longer encourage assimilation and integration. These immigrants will, almost without exception, choose a government antithetical (i.e. leftist) to American ideals, for that is where they come from and that is what they know. Politics is downstream from Culture, and Culture is downstream from Genetics.

Republicans love immigration because it gives them cheap labor, and the increased production supports the federal behemoth a while longer. From low-skilled labor to high-skilled labor, Republicans have sacrificed the future of the nation by chasing after the almighty dollar.

America is not a proposition nation. If anybody can be an American then that term is meaningless. If anybody can be an American, then they can be an American where they are instead of coming here. If being American is embracing a set of values, then what happens if a natural-born American does not embrace those values – have they become a not-American? Immigration and citizenship is not something to be handed out like candy at Halloween. It must be done with the utmost care, scrutiny, and reverence.

There is no Zeroth Amendment which states that all the world has a right to immigrate to the United States.

The hidden leaders and financiers of both parties are heavily invested in maintaining the status quo. This is why every attempt so far to limit immigration, legal or illegal, has been met with failure, despite strong and widespread popular support. This is why both parties view Donald Trump as a threat, because they fear he might actually do something about it.

Both parties have incredibly short-sighted goals. It’s like trying to grow a muscle, but with cancer instead of healthy tissue. Uncontrolled growth kills the host. Uncontrolled immigration kills the nation.

Immigration Control as the Foundation of a Nation

Securing the border is the first piece of the puzzle: controlling access to our country. If you can’t control who is in your country, you are not a country, you are a target. Building a border wall is not necessarily about a 100% perfect physical barrier; a large part of its effect is psychological. Good fences make for good neighbors. And it is the height of hypocrisy for Mexico to lecture us about the evils of a border wall while they have a pretty formidable barrier on their southern border.

We must turn off the magnets that make illegal immigration so enticing: birthright citizenship, the evergreen promise of amnesty, no/low enforcement of existing immigration laws, lack of proof-of-citizenship requirements, no/low penalties for employers of illegals, ubiquitous government handouts and assistance. Simply enforcing existing immigration laws would handle much of the problem, along with heavily taxing remittances back to Mexico (which is also a great way to pay for the wall). Increase the costs of breaking our laws, and suddenly the cost-benefit calculation skews in favor of self-deportation.

Securing the people then follows. We need to accurately keep track of who’s in the country. We need to know who’s coming, who’s here and still welcome, and who’s overstayed their welcome. When they do overstay, we need to find them, and send them home. The first reason is for security: have we forgotten the lessons of 9/11 already? The second reason is that the longer they stay here, the more difficult it is for them leave, because the Democrats will always want to give them full citizenship.

Mass immigration on the scale we’ve experienced is simply war by slower means

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Martin van Creveld, one of the planet’s greatest military minds, from his essay “War and Migration”:

War and migration have always been closely related. The relationship was recorded as early as 1300 BC, when we are informed the Israelites followed Moses out of Egypt to embark upon the enterprise that ultimately led them to the Promised Land of Canaan. As you will no doubt recall, they promptly conquered it. And since that time, for over 3,315 years, the link between war and the large-scale movement of people from one place to another has never been broken….

At some times, war and migration were essentially the same, as in the great migration of peoples during the first few centuries after Christ, the Arab expansion after 632 AD, the Magyar invasion of Europe, the Mongol invasions of China, and the movements of many African tribes from one part of the continent to another. At other times, the relationships between the two phenomena were more complicated, such as ethnic cleansings that rendered war unnecessary or took place after war’s end, mass avoidance of conscription, or soldiers bringing home concubines and war brides. All these various forms have often intermingled, all appear regularly in the annals of human history, and all will doubtless continue to do so in the future. The only thing that changes is their relative importance at any given point in time.

60 million immigrants in 50 years, not even counting successive generations. That’s an invasion. That’s the only way to describe it.

Immigrants, legal and illegal alike, and factoring in successive generations, account for a higher rate of crimes than the native population. In order to secure the safety of all peoples in our country, we need to identify and deport criminal elements. Examples abound of illegal immigrants committing crime after crime and yet they keep getting released because the government has no motivation to deport.

The 1st generation of legal immigrants are largely law-abiding, because they are often the high-intelligence cream-of-the-crop of other nations. Successive generations begin to revert to the national mean, and even have an elevated rate of crime. Unvetted refugees and illegal aliens are of course responsible for a highly disproportionate number of crimes.

Do you want immigrant rape gangs? Because this is how you get immigrant rape gangs: “The report estimated that 1,400 children had been sexually abused in the town between 1997 and 2013, predominantly by gangs of British-Pakistani Muslim men. Abuses described included abduction, rape, torture and sex trafficking of children.” The local authorities had plenty of evidence and knowledge of these assaults, but they ignored them or covered them up – likely because they didn’t want to hurt the immigration narrative.

Europe is our bellwether in this regard, affected by major immigration over a long period with a big increase in the short-term due to the Syrian crisis. The unfolding situation is not one that bodes well for us.

And how could Americans forget our own incidences of immigrant criminal activity? Omar Mateen (whose father had the seat of honor at a Hillary Clinton rally), the rapists of the little girl in Idaho, the San Bernadino shooters, the Tsarnaev bombers, the TN Marine recruitment center shooter, Nidal Hasan the Ft. Hood shooter – all immigrants or children of immigrants. Obviously there is another factor tying them together, but the fact remains that immigration today is largely from countries with values antithetical to America. We cannot blindly accept every immigrant who applies – we must, as Donald Trump proposed, “include an ideological certification to make sure that those we are admitting to our country share our values and love our people.”

What about the Good Samaritan? (an aside)

A common Christian argument for allowing unlimited and mindless immigration stems from the parable of the Good Samaritan. Why should we not help those poor refugees, or all put-upon people, by allowing them to come to America and live?

However, many people do not take the time to consider the true implications of the parable. The Good Samaritan rescued the distressed man, took him to a safe place, paid someone for his care, then went on his way. Does the parable also mean that he should move the man into his house, provide him with room and board, then permit the man to have his wife, children, parents, and cousins move in and live off the largesse of the Good Samaritan while wreaking general havoc on the household?

No, the parable actually gives us a great example of what to do: send aid workers to identify those in need, establish a NEARBY safe place for refugees (and the aid workers) and take them there, and care for their health. It would cost far less, and we would be able to treat far more. We are under absolutely no obligation to bring them halfway around the world into our homes.

Even disregarding the fact that the Syrian refugees are by-and-large consisting of fit and healthy men of fighting age (more than 85%), what is the limiting principle? If we must allow all people in troubled conditions to immigrate to America, then we must invite more than half the population of the world! America does not have the duty nor the resources to care for the all the world’s downtrodden. American Christians need to learn the proper application of the parable.

Securing the vote occurs naturally after identifying and managing immigrants – the flipside of which is to positively verify citizenship. We already have naturalization certificates and birth certificates – but to my knowledge they are are not linked or tied to our government-issued ID.

The Democrats have done everything in their power to leave our voting system susceptible to fraud; having government-issued ID be a authoritative declaration of citizenship/non-citizenship would go a long way to closing the loopholes. The Democrats claim that requiring photo ID is somehow racist or ageist, but we know that their real objection is that it would shut down fraud – the unassailable solution is to employ people whose only job is to help people get this ID. And there’s nothing Democrats like more than another bureaucratic entity, so there’s a lot for them to like. We could start it in 2017 and have it ready in 4 years for the next presidential election.

By securing the border, securing the people, and securing the vote, we secure our future as an American nation. Only by accomplishing all these steps can America reclaim control of America. As it is today, America is overruled by fraud, incompatible ideologies, and occupying forces. We have not been a government for the people or by the people for some time now.

Perhaps it is too late. Perhaps we have forgotten how to be a proper self-governed nation. Perhaps demographics have irrevocably altered our national destiny. Perhaps the catastrophic economic collapse will wipe us all out. Perhaps the Democrats get their wish of thermonuclear war with Russia.

But we must still persevere. This is our Valley Forge. Our seat of power has been occupied by enemy forces, and we are surrounded by our foes. It’s time to rediscover the revolutionary American spirit, and MAKE AMERICA FREE AGAIN.

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