QuickText App

What It Is

QuickText is a Windows Phone application that lets you quickly send pre-defined group text messages – within 2 taps!

No guarantees, can’t be held liable, use at your own risk, etc.

What It Does

The main feature of QuickText is SPEED. It loads quickly and the user can navigate through the app quickly. Once groups and messages have been configured, it only takes 2 taps to get a group text message ready to send. Load app, select the group, select the message, and you’re done.

For even faster texting, you can pin a group, message, or composition as a start tile!

You can define Groups (a collection of Contacts), Messages, and Group-specific Messages. Contact information can be imported from your phone’s people hub, or entered manually.

Future versions will have support for Message Variables such as the current date/time, gps location, etc.


  • Define Groups, Messages, Contacts
  • Backup/Restore data to Dropbox (thanks to DropNet)
  • Quicker Text mode (skips Compose screen)
  • Pin groups and messages to your start menu

To Do

  • Drag & drop reordering of Groups / Messages
  • Support for message variables like GPS
  • Back up to SkyDrive
  • Configurable images for group & message tiles

Get It Now

Download QuickText on the Windows Phone Marketplace

What’s New

  • rewritten for WP8
  • transparent live tile support
  • Discontinued the separate Paid/Trial app, can now unlock functionality in the Free app via In-App Purchases

Trial Limitations

QuickText is available as a free trial. The trial is limited to 3 Messages, and 3 Groups with up to 3 Group Messages. Randomly inserts “Sent with QuickText” while in Trial mode.

The price for removing group and message limitations is $0.99 (US), paid via In-App Purchase.


  • 2014.05.01 – rewrite release
  • 2013.11.22 – feature release
  • 2012.06.15 – bugfix release
  • 2012.06.01 – bug fixes, pubcenter integration
  • 2012.01.01 – mango/feature release
  • 2011.08.05 – feature/bugfix release
  • 2011.04.14 – bugfix release
  • 2011.04.01 – feature/bugfix release
  • 2011.03.25 – initial release

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